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Mobile UX at Johnson & Johnson During my summer internship, I got to be a part of an exciting opportunity with Johnson & Johnson. The company decided to enter the Mobility arena and to spearhead the operations, formed a team of University of Michigan students calling it Rapid Mobile Prototyping team. Objective: Deliver as many mobile design prototypes to J&J business units as required and as possible. My Role: Not only did I get to be part of a spearheading team for a new business direction, I also got to use all my experiences in… Read Article →

The Hands-Down #1 Muscle Building Program A great looking and well-formed body is every person’s desire. You can now achieve this desire and build lean muscles quick and efficiently thanks to Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program. Designed by experienced nutritionists and trainer, Kyle Leon, this program is based on scientific perspectives of bodybuilding and is safe for any type of body. It does not matter if you’re an endo, meso, or ectomorh, this program is the real deal for building muscles within the shortest time possible.

You are here: Home / Blog / Archives for October 2012 Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer – Get Your Best Body October 9, 2012 by admin   Filed under Somanabolic Fitness Leave a Comment We all want to build muscle, but no one wants to gain fat. When bulking up, the general process is that you bulk and then cut, meaning you workout and build muscle along with fat, and then you cut just the fat and not the muscle. Confusing? Yes. What if there was a way to […] Tags: Building Muscle Without Gaining Fat October… Read Article →

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Xisbigii kulmiye oo burbur qarka u saaran. Khilaafkii xisbiga kulmiye oo maanta halkii ugu saraysay gaadhay , markii ay labadii kooxood ee isku haystay meesha ay is-qabsadeen oo kooxdii ay hogaaminaysay Amina Weris iyo Muuse Biixi ay ka adkaadeen kooxdii kale ee ka koobnayd Maxamed Biixi Yoonis iyo Xirsi . waxayna ku keliftay kooxdii laga adskaaday in ay tidhaahdo waanu is-casilaynaa iyaga iyo wasiiradii guul-wadayaashooda ahaaba .  Waxa ay sheegayaan wararka ka soo baxaaya xarunta madaxtooyada Axmed Siilaanyo in uu khilaaf weyni dhex maray labada kooxood oo uu madaxweyne Axmed Siilaanyo taageeray kooxdii ay wadatay… Read Article →