How to Clean Colon at Home

It seems every health related newspaper article and every fitness related topic on television are warning and encouraging us to learn how to clean colon if we want better overall health. We hear of the statistics that seem to confirm that colon cancer and colon diseases are on the rise. We see the advertisements for oral colon cleansing pills and hydrotherapy, however we are still unsure what methods would be best for us. So, are we listening to these warnings? Many of us are and are simply unsure how to clean our colon without the use of potentially dangerous oral colon cleansing pills and hydrotherapy that can be expensive and/or ineffective.

Many gastroenterologist as well as other proponents of colon cleansing warn that if not monitored or performed properly, colon cleansing or colon irrigation as it is sometimes referred to, can increase your risk of injuries caused by dehydration. This is of course a potentially more serious side affect in that dehydration can lead to death. The main concerns seem to involve the risk associated with the use of oral colon cleansing pills that may contain certain laxatives ingredients and if used improperly can cause major medical problems either now or in the future. We see an example of a popular potentially harmful ingredient used regularly and would be listed in the descriptions or ingredients panel of the colon cleansing package as sodium phosphate. Sodium phosphate has been known to cause a rise in your bodies electrolytes.

Colonic irrigation is often used as a synonym for colon cleanse and it is simply the removal of harmful toxins in our colon so that our colon can function as it was intended to so.

But how do we safely clean our colon without seeking the assistant of a medical doctor? How can we learn to clean our colon and maintain a healthy colon on our own? The answer: Detoxification. When we hear the word detoxification, surprisingly, it is a process that is basically what the word sounds like it would be. It is a series of steps used to detoxify or remove toxins from our body. However, it is important to note that some toxins are not removed; they are simply transformed into something healthy our bodies may need or they can be neutralized where they then lie harmlessly dormant until they are naturally removed as waste or cleared with excess congestion or mucus.

How do we get these harmful disease causing toxins in our bodies and what is the best way to avoid them in the future? Known researchers and gastroenterologists where able to find that many of these harmful toxins are introduced to our colons as a result of either direct or indirect bad food choices we make that lead to overall bad food diets. The unhealthy fast food, for example, that we eat may introduce or encourage the unhealthy build up of toxicity in our colons.

These experts now know that toxins can also come from legal, over the counter, or illegal drug use or drug abuse. Drugs used improperly can break down the natural defenses our bodies need to protect us from diseases affecting our colon and other major organs as well.

Colonic hydrotherapy is the process of flushing or washing out the intestines through the use of warm water. This warm water is then inserted through a tube in the rectum and encouraged to flood your intestine to the point where your intestine is full and can not hold any more water. The water is then flushed out through the use of another tube. When the water is flushed out, it brings with it all of the toxic material and impacted old fecal matter as well as good and bad bacteria. Your colon is now clean. However, is it healthier? No, it is not yet healthier then when you started. There is one last and mandatory step in understanding how to clean your colon. If you recall from the steps stated above, the warm water washed away ALL bacteria, good and bad. Your colon need some level of bacteria to function properly. Now that it has been washed clean it is unhealthy and this can lead to major diseases if not rectified.

So, why learn how to clean colon? Because colon diseases can lead to disabilities later in life and colon cancer is a known killer. As a result, learning to clean your colon can be a decision that later preserves the quality of your life or save your life in the future.

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