Lung Cancer Screening With Low Dose CT In Riverhead NY

When a patient has cancer, or is suspected of having cancer, exposing them to great amounts of radiation is not an ideal situation. It is likely that increased radiation actually hurts these patients and may even lead to more deaths than there would have been if there had not been CT scans done. The typical CT scan is the equivalent radiation of seventy chest x-rays. If you have to have multiple CT scans done, this adds up to a lot of radiation. But new research has shown that low dose CT in Riverhead NY is just as effective at detecting lung cancer in patients who fit certain criteria with much less risk.

Low dose CT in Riverhead NY for lung cancer screening uses x-rays to see into the lungs and it gives better results. Research has actually shown that compared to regular chest x-rays, the CT scan is more effective in detecting changes in the lungs and thus gives better overall decrease in mortality than x-rays alone without all the risks of applying dangerous levels of radiation to areas already suspected to be cancerous. Currently the decrease in mortality compared to x-rays is 20%, but those figures are likely to change over time and of course statistics are meaningless when you are talking about your lungs.

If you have been a heavy smoker during your life and so far have not actually had lung cancer, then maybe you should speak to your doctor about finding a low dose CT in Riverhead NY in order to undergo this accurate lung-cancer screening. Understand that he might have differing opinions about your exposure to even that lower level of radiation and your risk for lung cancer in general, depending on your family history, when you smoked, how long you smoked, etc. He may want to wait a little longer until there are more results to make sure this is a worthwhile procedure. You also should understand that sometimes this screening procedure is not covered by insurance, so that may be a factor as to whether or not you can have this screening procedure done.

If your doctor does agree that this is a worthwhile thing for you to undergo, you should make sure to have the followup that might be recommended, whether that is additional screening or just a reminder to return every few months for another low dose CT in Riverhead NY.

A low dose CT in Riverhead NY lung cancer screening is not right for everyone, but it does do some good things for those at risk.

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