Procedures and Risks Associated with Second Trimester Abortion

If you will take in consideration pregnancy termination, it’s coming from ancient time with and without any legal and social sanctions. Due to introduction of safe and secure abortion methods in medical world, the abortion has gained an immense popularity.

Mostly, 90% abortions occur in first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but in U.K. most of the cases handled by the medical officers include second trimester abortion as comparted to first trimester.

However, no woman love to opt for abortion methods, still the need arises due to complication and health factors. Among all the trimester, second trimester with misoprostol proved to be more effective. When you will come across the second trimester abortion procedures, you would definitely find dilution and evacuation the foremost and superior procedure to terminate the pregnancy during second trimester. Moreover, in areas where medical experts with skills are not needed, medical methods are appropriate solution.

It’s said that surgical abortion is safe and secure method for women looking for abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

At initial stage of second trimester procedure, the physician takes a sonogram using sonographer to judge the actual period of pregnancy. Once, the physician determines this, cervical dilators are inserted into vagina to stretch cervix and then patient is asked to visit next day to the clinic.

The dilation in second trimester is accomplished in two stages. During the second stage of procedure, a patient undergoes half an hour procedure and will be positioned for regular GYN examination. After the procedure accomplished, the patient may experience vaginal bleeding, but that would be similar to normal periods.

Although the procedures are approached for various reasons and vary from one patient to another, the risks are also associated with them. Whenever surgical procedures are adopted or patients consume abortion pills, the chances of side effects are always there with induced abortion.

Women undergoing for such abortion procedures may have a risk of delivering premature baby in future. Higher risk of cerebral palasy is associated with premature delivery along with brain, respiratory, bowel and eye issues. Abortion may also be associated with the breast cancer in women. As per the studies, there’s a link between later development of breast cancer and abortion.

Besides all these, an abortion also has an adverse effect on emotional and psychological health of a woman and can lasts for many years.

So, to avoid such consequences, consider an outcome of your pregnancy and plan accordingly. Else, if the need arises, the medical field has ample of termination procedure for different stages right from 12 weeks to 36 weeks.

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