Green Tea Has Many Amazing Benefits for Health

Using green tea regularly provides profound benefits for the health of our hearts and our total cardiovascular system. Vast population studies that study the diets of thousands of civilians over long periods of time have consistently brought to light that the degree of heart disease is decidedly lower in those who drink green tea daily compared to people who don’t drink!

It is through a few distinct processes that green tea provides this benefit for heart health. The natural substances found abundantly in green tea, called catechins (that are answerable for the majority of the health benefits connected with green tea consumption), have powerful antioxidant abilities that defend LDL cholesterol in the blood from oxidative damage. This is critical for the good condition of our major, because LDL cholesterol which succumbs to oxidative damage will attach to the artery walls, forming into a plaque. This plaque development is atherosclerosis, a health condition that constricts blood supplies to the heart, and is a fundamental cause of heart disease!

Cancer prevention is another key health benefit of consuming green tea regularly. Research with animals, test tubes studies, and Vast population studies all provide strong proof for the anti-cancer effectiveness of green tea. Those who drink green tea every day are, statistically, at a reduced risk of dieting from different kinds of cancers, such as breast, large intestinal, kidney and esophageal cancer. Most Asian countries, who take more green tea per civilian than any other country, are significantly less likely to die of cancer than people in the US and Europe.

Yes, and the positive effects of green tea just keep adding up. Numerous studies have provided evidence that the plant compounds in green tea impart anti-inflammatory effects for joint pain and allergic reactions. A basic source of inflammation and pain in the joints is arachidonic acid, a natural chemical synthesized in our body. Having said that, diet executes a substantial part in how much arachidonic acid the body makes. Omega-3 fatty acids, it should be noted, lessen the creation of arachidonic acid and boost the creation of anti-inflammatory chemicals alternatively. Contrary, foods rich in saturated fat have the flip-side effect and increase the making of arachidonic acid. Those with joint pain, like arthritis, find that they can limit their joint stiffness naturally by reducing their intake of food sources rich in saturated fat and opting for foods high in Omega-3 (tuna and salmon and some nuts and seeds) instead.

Those limited by joint pain may also be happy to find out that green tea phytochemicals have a blocking effect upon arachidonic acid production. If you are in pain with any sort of joint issue, you might find that drinking 2 or 3 cups of green tea every day could abate the issue. An excellent option is to take green tea extract tablets that harbour the equivalent antioxidant power as drinking at least several cups of green tea each day!

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