All You Need To Know About Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is better than cure – the sole maxim on which preventive dentistry exists. More than being a slogan, it sounds like a common sense advice that is difficult to be followed by most people. For one, we usually don’t see our dentists unless we have some serious teeth problem causing us much pain and sleepless nights.

As the name obviously suggests, this type of dentistry of Vancouver Dentists aims at instilling good oral health which is part and parcel of every person’s total wellness. It reinforces the good dental practices that will keep away the young and the old from the fangs of teeth problems and gum diseases.

Now, when do you think is the perfect time to start with preventive dentistry? While some assume that the moment a child gets his first set of teeth is the ideal start, it can go even earlier than that. Providing the nutritional needs of a child as soon he comes into the world is actually the beginning of securing him healthy gums and teeth. What a precautionary measure, isn’t it?

There are different exercises that this branch of dentistry promotes. Most of them must be observed on a daily and or quarterly basis to effectively prevent any serious problems from claiming your teeth and gums. Take a look of the following measures which could be of great impact to your good oral hygiene.

Teeth Cleaning

Dentists advice that we should brush our teeth at least three times a day. Apart from this, we can also do some flossing and gargling of mouth wash. However, these are not enough as sometimes we need professional help in removing the deep-seated dirt, bacteria and plaque in our teeth. This is where the skills of dental hygienists and dentists would be of great benefit.

Dental Check-Up

It is ideal to visit Dentists Vancouver even if you do not feel any discomfort with your gums or teeth. Sometimes there are dental problems which rise with no symptoms at all until they get full blown. With a dental check-up, you can also get examined for any tactile problems or possibility of oral cancer.

Besides these serious troubles, dental check-ups also allows dentists to share with you important information unknown to you. Perhaps, you are an athlete who is into rough sports. Your dentist can give you tips or accessories that can guard your teeth and gums from trouble. Through regular check-ups, your dentist gets to correct any improper dental habits that you have for better care of your oral health.

Use Of Appropriate Dental Products

Enticed with the advertisements that we see on TV or online, we sometimes use dental products without consulting our Cosmetic Dentist Vancouver of their proper use or their compatibility with your dental needs. And so, we incur unnecessary oral problems. You might think that toothbrushes, toothpastes and other dental products are all created the same. That’s wrong. They are all created with specific purposes.

Maintain Good Diet

Watching what we eat with the guidance of a professional is very much part of preventive dentistry. Be advised of the foods that can keep your gums and teeth healthy as you guard against foods that can destroy them.

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