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In Indian society infertility is considered as a women’s problem since ages, but now people learn to accept the fact that it is male’s problem as well. As per the medical research, out of every three cases of infertility, one causes by man only and men are responsible bodies for infertility about half the time. In modern society, it is still a very challenging task for a man to accept this fact and face diagnosis and male infertility treatments. For some men, it could be the most disturbing and shocking truth to accept. The feeling of being unable to be a father can break a man from inside. Reproduction is the necessity of every species and a primal responsibility of a man

. In most of the cases, problem arises with the process of making sperms, sperms movement and their low count. Around 38 percent of cases are reported with the problem of ‘varicocele’. It is an abnormal cluster of bulging veins above the testicle leading abnormal sperm production. Some other common causes may include undescended testicle, genetic abnormalities, and chemotherapy for cancer, hormonal problems, testicle (orchitis) infections, prostate infections and medicines like anti-seizure medicines or anabolic steroids.

In some cases either the problem gets cured or gets worst therefore it is important to consult a fertility doctor or specialist. Sperm making is not only a problem, but getting them at right place could be a major issue. In this type of male infertility, the sperms are normal in the testicles, but the sperms in the semen could be abnormal or of very low count or nil. According to a survey, nearly 25 percent of infertile men are suffering from idiopathic infertility i.e. low sperm counts or abnormal sperms.

The major causes of this infertility are retrograde ejaculation, absence of sperm pipeline (genetic problem), obstruction in plumbing between the penis and the testicles or anti sperm antibodies that attack on sperms. Retrograde ejaculation can be defined as the backward ejaculation of semen into the bladder instead flowing out the penis. This condition usually caused by some previous surgery. Finding out the men’s infertility reasons is more like a scientific art that requires high level specialization in male reproductive microsurgery and medicines.

The male infertility tests may include sperm and semen analysis, genetic testing, physical examination, testicular biopsy and hormone evaluation. There are several types of male infertility solutions, which are selected on the basis of the problem. For example, the hormonal abnormalities can be treated with surgery or medicines, varicoceles undergo the surgery to block off the abnormal veins or obstructions can be treated with surgery. However, in some cases these treatments have failure history.

The all new and highly sophisticated Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs) proves to be effective male infertility treatments that cause successful pregnancies with men having low or abnormal sperms. At ‘Parents of fertility’, we work to help the new, expectant and trying parents who are dealing with pregnancy problems and sin of infertility. We have dedicated team of highly qualified doctors, infertility specialists and health professionals.

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