Avoid External Tumors Naturally and Stay Cancer-Free!

External tumors that lead to cancer can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. The first step towards defending this deadly disease is to diet, exercise and avoid tobacco. Apart from these well known facts, there are many simple and innovative strategies available for reducing the risk of breast tumor and other tumors.

* Filter drinking water: Drinking filtered tap water can be much safer than buying bottled water. It will reduce the exposure to carcinogens.
* Avoid fuel spill: It is necessary for people to stop topping off fuel tanks in vehicles after the nozzle automatically shuts down, as it may lead to spillage and create damage to the vapor recovery system. The malfunction of this system will cause the emission of toxic chemicals, like benzene, which can cause lungs tumor and skin cancer.
* Marinate meat: It has been scientifically proven that processed or charred meats can contain heterocyclic amines which are released into the meat when subjected to high temperatures.
* Caffeinate: People who include coffee in their regular diet show decreased risk of brain and head tumor. Caffeine present in coffee is found to be much more effective than decaf and tea.
* Water: Drinking water and liquids reduce the risk of kidney tumor as they dilute the cancer agents present in the urine and flush out of the system quickly.
* Go Green: Greens, containing chlorophyll, is rich in magnesium should be included for a healthy lifestyle, as they lower the cause of colon cancer and belly tumor.
* Brazil Nuts: Brazil nuts are considered to be the best antioxidant available which can prevent the onset of stomach tumor. People with high selenium amount in their blood have reduced risk of throat tumor and colorectal cancer.
* Burn calories: Regular exercise like brisk walking everyday can help people to reduce the risk of joints and elbow tumor. It can not only burn fat and calories but can also help to stay fit and healthy.
* Color the outfits: Wearing red or blue colored outfits can protect the person from skin cancer while getting exposed to harmful UV rays. Covering up the skin from direct exposure of sunlight can help in preventing melanomas.
* Organic food: Many cancer institutes recommend purchasing foods that are free from added hormones or pesticides which can cause endocrine problems and testicles tumor.

Implementing healthy diet and regular body cleansing can help people to stay healthy. Even though the cure for cancer is still underway, simple lifestyle changes can help in reducing the risk of tumors and cancers.

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