The best laid plans . . .

One truism in book publishing is that no aspect of the design is final until the finished book is in your hands.* Havana is not exempt from this and so — contrary to some earlier posts on this blog — three things have recently changed . . .

Paper & Trim Size

As I mentioned a month or so ago, these two aspects of Havana are linked: each of the papers we were considering carried with it certain size limitations. The paper we expected to like best (a thick German stock) demanded we use a smaller trim size than any of us would have preferred. However, once we saw actual press-printed proofs . . .


My enthusiasm for the endpaper design I described in the preceding post was . . . not shared by the book’s editor or marketing head. Both thought it was a little too strong, too at-odds with the photographs, and so it was killed. After a bit of time, I’ve come around to their point-of-view (it helps that I have no choice in the matter) and the new plan is for a separate solid color for the front and back endpapers, something to hint at sunrise (in the front) and sunset (in the back).

– – – – –

* And even then the publisher can slap an award sticker onto it, including the dreaded Honorable-Mention-Short-List-Runner-Up variety.

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