The a level challenge

Ritika Shah (Sports and Biology)


I am Ritika and I love sports, and am a Biological freak(both academically and generally :P). I am from Mumbai and I am here to help you balance your sporting passion with academic endevaour. Would also love to help people with the local systems in India.

Shout out from Mumbai,


Wasay bin Afaq (Accounting, Physics and Mathematics)

I am currently studying at NUST, doing undergrad. If you have any problem in Physics, Mathematics or Accounting, i will be really glad to help you out. You can contact me anytime you want, i will be there for you people. I am here to protect, to serve… ok well just to help would be fine

Wasay Ustaad

Ali Moeen Nawazish

Hi everyone,

Hope you like the site. My role will be mainly to try to help you out with techniques and give you general advice. However, hopefully I will be able to help you out in 23 subjects(for the list check wikipedia) but for more of the obscure ones like Travel and Tourism, Urdu Literature etc… so give me a shout out. I will also be TRYING to help you out with college applications with other awesome people as well. So, yeah hopefully I won’t make a complete fool of myself.


Ali out

Talha Ansari (counselor)

Hi guys I am Talha(from Middlebury), and I can help you out with most of the academic stuff but my goal is to help you out more with your problems. Think of me as someone you can always turn to when you need to talk I am always here so write me an email or send me a personal message on the forum. I will be glad to help. Just know you have someone to always turn to.


Bilal Altaf (Accounting and Mathematics)

It is Bilal Altaf here shouting out from McGill here in Canada. Let me know if you need any help with Accounting, and Math.

Bilal Out

Samad Khurram (Motivation and Leadership)


I am Samad Khurram, and am at Harvard. I am here to help you guys stay motivated in terms of your studies, and also to help you take up leadership roles in your time at school, college or anywhere else for that matter. So lets change the world…

Samad Khurram

Liliana Enescue (Psychology)

Hey gals(and guys),

I am Liliana Enescue, I am doing my undergrad from Austin. I have a praticular interest in psychology; hence, the psycho so drop me any questiions. *cue Bates music* just kidding


Shehryar Azhar(Mathematics and Economics)


I am Shehryar Azhar and am currently studing at the London School of Economics. I am good for Mathematics and Economics so drop me questions.


Fahad Khan (Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics)

Hey everyone,

I did my undergrad from Yale and am currently doing my PhD in the land down under at ANU. My skills set most useful to you guys would be Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics.


Sami Shad(Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics)

Hey guys,

Sami here from the farm out in Palo Alto(Stanford Class of 2012). I am here to help you guys with Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics. So drop me a question or questions.

Looking forward to helping you guys out,

Sami Shad

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