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Mobile UX at Johnson & Johnson

During my summer internship, I got to be a part of an exciting opportunity with Johnson & Johnson. The company decided to enter the Mobility arena and to spearhead the operations, formed a team of University of Michigan students calling it Rapid Mobile Prototyping team.

Objective: Deliver as many mobile design prototypes to J&J business units as required and as possible.

My Role: Not only did I get to be part of a spearheading team for a new business direction, I also got to use all my experiences in Technical Authoring, Project Management, User Research, and UX Design. I defined and set up UX processes in consultation with the management, created communication charters and templates, and introduced the J&J team to most UX principles and methods applicable to the business scenario. I also learnt a lot while researching and designing for the iOS platform and phone/tablet form factors that further fueled my interests in mobility

Keywords: Heuristic Analysis, Personas and Scenarios,  Interaction Mapping,Comparative Analysis, Communication Covenant, UX briefs, Information Architecture, Contextual Inquiry, Usability Testing, Paper Prototyping, Interactive Prototyping, Iterative Design Methods, Storyboarding, Responsive Design

 The Process

For most projects targeted towards the enterprise consumer for the tablet market, my team and I started with fact finding and needs gathering sessions with customers. I approached the meetings with a UX checklist in hand so I could ensure all our questions about the product were answered.


Our next stage was an immersive brainstorming session with UX and software developer intern participants. I provided a loose structure to these sessions by introducing the method of creating personas and scenarios followed by use cases, followed by product design brainstorm.  Some of our first design outputs using these methods are as follows:

A classroom teaching tool for Visioncare Institute registrants

A tablet app used by ODLean consultancy to optimize Optician and Optometrist clinics

 Agile Prototyping

Given J&J IT Application Services’ Agile affiliation, we quickly adopted the methods to UX processes so we could rapidly iterate and deliver design ideas usually with a week’s turnaround. The idea was to fail fast and generate as many ideas as possible so the best of them could make their way to the prototype deliverable. This approach was especially useful for Sales and Marketing enterprise projects where the requirements were not defined upfront so we helped guide the vision through iterative prototyping. Some good examples of these projects are:

A tablet application for eyecare professionals to manage sales

A tablet app for Sales team to demonstrate ROI values to customers

 UX Presentation

In my opinion, the most rewarding but at the same time, the key challenge has been communicating design idea and process to the customer. It is never enough to hand over the prototype and let the customer figure things out. I created a UX brief template for most of our design deliverables and that was highly appreciated and almost immediately mandated as a a requirement for final delivery bundle.

 UX brief_SafeKids app

UX Brief- Inventory Calculator App

UX brief-ODLean

Designing for iPhone and iPad

A couple of my projects involved designing for both form factors and that was when I got to extensively research user context and responsive patterns. I took full ownership of delivering design prototypes for the iPhone while contributing to the design process for iPad as well. A few examples are as follows:

JnJ internal news app for iPad

JnJ internal news app for iPhone

Kids supervision app for iPhone

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