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Well lol I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist. I’ve been blessed to say that my teenage years have been probably more eventful than anyone I know; I’ve worked with signed artists, been to clubs I was definitely not old enough to get into, and I’ve met a lot of interesting people and hip hop legends like KRS-One and Kid Capri in the process. A lot of saturday nights I spend in the studio while everyone drinking and partying, so I guess yo u could say I miss out on the regular joys of being young. However, if not for music, the highlight of my days would be that same party I miss, and I’d be going to a regular school, and working at some store that I don’t even like being at, like every other teen my age with nothing to do. So with that in comparison, I like my life as an artist.

What do you think is essential for an artist today, to make it in the game?
A combination of things. You need to have a great support system backing you, be marketable (which is just a professional way of saying that you gotta look appealing to the opposite sex.), you gotta be humble, have a sense of discipline, be open minded, and on top of all that, you need to be talented. You don’t necessarily need to get signed but just have a great work ethic and find a lane that works for you and the rest will come.

How would you explain your style?
I guess you could say I’m a product of underground music as a whole, but with a dream to hit mainstream. So I make sure I keep my lyrical talent up to par with some of our industry’s best, but at the same time I don’t find it necessary to mention an AK-47 in every other line. I make it a priority to make sure that whatever I’m saying can be universal in the sense that anyone listening can relate and that parents don’t have to completely worry about what I’m saying to they kids. Since we as artists are role models, whether we like it or not.

What separates you from other artist?
It’s difficult to say, because every artist feels like they’re separate from the next. I can only judge by a first person view but I think what makes me different is that I speak from my eyes and what I feel to be true to my own self. No one’s lived the exact same life as me so when I talk or write a verse, they come from a mind state that only I have as an individual. Originality is a concept that has been long lost in the hip hop world, so I think that only when you stop worrying about constantly being original is when you truly attain that achievement.

Who’s your top five greatest of all time rappers alive or dead?
1.Eminem 2. Joe Budden 3. Lupe Fiasco 4. the old school Cassidy 5. Big Pun

What do you think about the state of Hip Hop right now?
I think current day hip hop is in a fragile state, but it’s just now about to reach a turn around. The “Forever Remix” with Eminem I think symbolizes that in such a perfect way. You have 3 of the biggest names within the
current hip hop situation with Drake, Kanye, and Lil Wayne on a song, and then you have a legend, who has up until recently been forgotten, just lyrically destroy the song by comparison. I think that explains hip hop right now. What we feel is the best right now is no where near it, so we need artists like Eminem, Budden, etc to reintroduce lyricism in its purest form. I’m not saying they’re the only lyrical artists but, and I especially mean Eminem, they’re the few that have the position and the lyrics to do so.

Where do you think Hip Hop will be in the next 10 years?
Depends on what happens in my previous answer.. I’d like to think it’ll revert back into an era where lyricism matters. As long as their are people in the struggle, I don’t think rap will ever die out completely though. It’s the genre of controversy, and people love controversy. So I think it’ll be
going strong still in 10 years.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Well, God willing, I see myself just then on the verge of being signed if not signed already. I’m currently only 17 now so time is on my side but that doesn’t mean I’m going to just take my time. A few months back I spoke with
a lawyer who represents Sony BMG. He explained to me that it used to take 5 years pre-recession just to get signed for the average artist and if you didn’t get signed then it was time to re-evaluate. Now it’ll probably take longer for the average artist just because labels are trying to save money. Fortunately I have a great support system, good management, and people
willing to support me and believe in what I do. So I can only hope for the best and remain optimistic.

What do you have going on?
Well current day situation is I’m in the finishing stages of my first mixtape From the High to the League, which features artists like Meek Millz, Joey Jihad, Reignman, Elliot Ness, etc. which will be hosted and mixed by DJ
Doe Boy who’s the owner of I really wanted to give the listener everything they’d want to hear, and everyone. I’m currently trying to expand my networking out to New York, and with that goal in mind I just got done working with Loaded Lux on a single called “Hit me Up” Produced by Kajmir Royale.

What can we expect next from you?
Well shortly after From The High to The League I’ll be dropping a new CD called PCP: Prada Controls Pennsylvania. As well as more videos on the
youtube and hopefully worldstar. I just got done linking up with Loaded Lux about collabing more with him and more of NY’s premiere underground artists with the intent of promoting a PA to NYC bond, rather than just the same old beefing. So hopefully that’ll create more of a universal agreement amongst
the artists in the tri-state to want to work with each other, since it has to start with someone.

shouts out…..
Speaking of my support system, I’d like to shout out Pat my manager, DJ
DoeBoy, DJ Franchize, Kaboom, Loaded Lux, Elliot Ness, Flix Phazon, Aaron my engineer, “The whole Mad House Family”, Vinny Idol, DJ Johnny V who’s been spinning me on Reading, PA’s
station 91.3 Real Talk Radio, and last but definitely not least the whole So Major company!

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