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So -here’s how it went. On Friday, I took a couple of personal hours and worked a half day. Tim’s been working a ton!  And his deadline moved so we are pushing our little vacation in honor of our 15 year anniversary out until October. He worked all day on Friday and I ordered a pizza. When we got back form picking it up, he started looking around for his phone and accused me of putting it in my purse. I was sitting on the couch and he literally is manhandling my purse so I got up. When I started looking I saw a gold package. It was kind of a bad day and I thought my boss put some candy in my purse – I’m not kidding. Tim looked kind of sheepish. I felt like I was in slow motion and I opened the package. I found this gorgeous platinum ring with a garnet. I didn’t have a wedding ring when we got married. We were poor and my mom was kind enough to give me her ring since she moved on to an anniverary ring. I could not believe it! He’s been quizzing me all month on my favorite gems. I’ve been beading a lot so I barely paid attention. It’s so pretty and I could not stop crying. What a shock! I was so touched. He had the ring designed so it’s so personal – I guess all wedding rings are, but this one is 15 years in the making!


Nice Surprise

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My friend Elizabeth and her daughter Anne gave me the nicest present the other day! Out of the blue, this darling apron arrived. Elizabeth and Anne have the same matching apron and they wear them when they cook. They decided to include me and I was just so touched. I love it – it’s the perfect gift! I am afraid to wear it – I am a MESSY cook!

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Clone Wars….

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I saw a quote from a review in “Entertainment Weekly” that does not bode well for the new Star Wars cartoon:

“George Lucas is turning into the enemy of fun”

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Giant Bug!

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Through the tunnel

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We’ve never taken in an adult cat or a cat who wasn’t treated very well. Walter is a sweet guy! It’s taken him a long time to assimilate and so far he’s only explored two rooms in our little place. Last night, he was looking in the tunnel that Tim’s mom gave us last year and I snapped a shot.

Tim is working like crazy on a bunch of freelance projects so it’s been a busy work month. Our 15 year anniversary is coming up so I’m hoping that his schedule will lighten up a bit so we can steal away for a night!

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