Why mobile websites are like welcome mats

As a consumer, I am shocked whenever I find a business that doesn’t have a website. This is a rare occurrence, while most businesses are using Mobile marketing; there are still those who do not exist on the web. In a time where .com domains are running low, and the Internet is packed with competition, I find it hard to believe that a business can afford to miss this opportunity. Even if the website is a simple static page that lists an address and phone number, it’s accessibility by mobile phones and PC is a form of customer service. If a customer wants to use your service, don’t make them do detective work to find you.

While Mobile Internet purchases continue to increase with consumers growing more comfortable with the idea, the opportunity for marketing your business is in consumer research. Most people, myself included, research products and services online, whether it’s by mobile device or PC, before they make a purchase. If you make your business available on the Internet, and by Mobile Web, you have greatly increased your chances of finalizing the sale. Not only does this translate to profit, but it also builds consumer confidence. Think of a mobile website as a welcome mat to your business, or an open sign that is always lit. As a consumer, I appreciate feeling like you want my business.

The market is flooded with smart phones, and tablets that allow a consumer to research everything. I am guilty of standing in a bookstore, and scanning bar codes with my iPhone to see who has the best price. This “window shopping” scenario is happening everywhere, and if your business lacks Mobile Internet presence, you might as well have put up curtains. There are almost as many mobile phones in use in the U.S. as there are people, and one third are smart phones. That’s a lot of potential people looking through your window, or booking a table at your restaurant.

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