Be your own boss – direct sales sensation

Direct Sales is the practice of selling products directly to the consumer, without the need for a retail store. Sales are made when the distributor conducts in home parties, or demonstrations either in a group or individual (one-on-one) basis.

Statistics tell us that Direct Sales is one of the fastest growing industries, with over four hundred professional women per day giving up corporate life for better work-life balance and the opportunity to be their own boss.

Direct selling companies and their distributors have to abide by a strict code of conduct and maintain strong ethical practices in order to protect the customer, the distributor and the company.

For these reasons, Direct Selling offers a solid and sound business model.  It allows people – in particular women – to work autonomously while still being part of team.  Start up costs are low and ongoing monthly expenses are kept to a minimum.  There is no Glass Ceiling; no income restrictions based on gender bias.

Women are rewarded for being themselves.  Traits such as collaboration, authenticity and nurturing are often “checked at the door” in large corporations.  In Direct Sales however, feminine qualities such as these are encouraged and praised.

Women love being rewarded and recognised for their effort and hard work. Many Direct Sales companies offer cash rewards, jewellery, luxurious overseas holidays and cars simply for sharing products they love.

Direct Sales is all about relationship building; giving first and taking second.  It allows distributors to position themselves as experts and to share their knowledge and passion.

A good reputation does not happen overnight, but if a distributor works hard to build credibility and earn the respect of his/her clients, then success will surely follow.

Direct Sales is an awesome industry and certainly one that I am proud to be part of.  I love being part of a company and group of women who empower and encourage each other to be the best version of themselves.  It is a supportive inclusive environment, and I love every minute.

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