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We all know that God hears our prayers, but does He answer them?

Sometimes we feel like He doesn’t answer us, but in actuality, He does. Every time we ask God for something, He gives us an answer. There are three answers He gives us, yes, no, and wait. When God says yes, we can be assured that what we asked for WILL happen. When God says no, what we asked for doesn’t happen. When He says wait, well, we have to wait.

Sometimes when God says no or wait, we think He didn’t hear us. We tend to think that if our prayer isn’t answered our way, then God isn’t listening, or isn’t answering our prayers. There is a simple solution to this that involves three changes that need to be made. We need to learn to be less self centered and more God centered, we need to learn patience, and we need to learn how to accept the answer we’re given.

We can’t possibly be content with the answer God gives us if it is not the answer we want to hear. When we are focused on ourselves, we want everything to go OUR way. We give God a list of things we want, and we throw a fit if we don’t get our way. When we are self focused, we act like little kids. If we ask our Father for something that is bad for us, He will say no. If we don’t like the answer, we’ll either throw a fit, or try to get what we want OUR way.

We need to be patient. If God says wait, then we have to wait, and there is no way around it. We have two choices. We can wait for what we asked for to happen in God’s time, or we can try to get it ourselves in our own time. I highly rcommend the first one.

We need to learn to accept the answer that we’re given. God never gives us an answer without a reason. He never says no, just because He wants to. He doesn’t say wait because you aren’t on the top of His to-do list or because He just doesn’t feel like giving you what you asked for right away. He does everything for a reason. It is our decision to accept or reject that reason.

Prayer is very important in our relationship with God. It is one of the ways that we can keep in touch with our Heavenly Father. Prayer isn’t supposed to be a time where we give God a list of things we want. It is a time to talk with God and express our love and grattitude to Him. We can ask God for things, but if the only reason we pray is to ask God for things, then we are not praying for the right reasons. Prayer is so important, that even Jesus did it. When He was on Earth, and seperated from His Father, Jesus prayed to keep in touch with Him.

We ask God for things all the time, and He asks things of us as well. the right thing for us to do is to do what God asks, but sometimes, in our self-focused lives, we say no, or ignore God. This makes me wonder though. What would have happened If Jesus had said no? What if Jesus had thrown a fit and said “No way, I’m not going down there, those people are terrible?” [John 3:16-17] What if he had jumped off the temple like Satan told Him to? [Matthew 4:5-7]What if He had decided to kill the men that were beating and crucifying Him?[Matthew 27] What if He had said, “I want to do this for my people Father, but I want to do it in my time?”[Matthew 6:10] Thank you Jesus for being so humble and willing to do the Father’s will!

What does God have for your life? What decisions have you made that were your decisions not God’s? Who’s will are you going to follow the next time you have to make a decision?

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