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Ataraxis Web Design

Welcome to my Greater Toronto web design company. In an effort to save you time with your decision making process to determine if my small business services may be of benefit to you I will briefly define my purpose. I have eight topics to discuss. There are five primary Internet solutions discussions; web design, web development, professional copywriting, search engine optimization as well as Internet marketing, which I apply to every project. Next is one topic of search engine marketing to bring into perspective. Finally there are two post development topics; domain name registration and web hosting. Presentation of web design, web hosting, as well as development information on this site is from a general overview perspective. I present it in as much depth as is necessary to help you understand my small business services. If you would like a suggestion for navigating this site please read my Summary of Internet Services.

Introduction To Successful Web Design For Small Business

Greater Toronto Web Design

Web design and development is much more than just selecting colourful layouts, adding some customized web graphics, then expecting the world to beat a path to your front page. If an online presence is to successfully accomplish small business advertising goals it requires careful thought, understanding and planning. Success depends on a website designer being able to understand the mind and habits of site visitors, regardless of what industry sector a company is categorized in. Learn more about information architecture of Custom Web Design »

Introduction To Demystifying Web Hosting Selection Processes

Managed Web Hosting

Web hosting is a term used to describe a place where a website will live in the virtual world once it has been completed and ready to go public. There are a very broad range of prices and options to sift through when trying to decide on how to select a web hosting company to host your site. Understanding various web hosting plan options ensures a plan exceeding maximum requirements is not purchased unnecessarily. Offerings as well as options out there vary tremendously from one web hosting business to another. I am going to try to put it into perspective. Proceed to Web Hosting »

Introduction To Understanding Web Development

Web Development

After purpose, goals, content and layout has been agreed upon a web developer steps in. Bringing all content and structure together and coding it to stringent World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web development standards without sacrificing creative design expression is an often frustrating task. There are a broad range of user agents (browsers) accessing sites. It is important to ensure that pages display properly across all user agents or even different versions within those user agents. It is important so that no potential customer is excluded from being able to access it properly. A reputable company should be able to provide proof positive they have tested your business website across popular Internet browsers without display formatting issues or access issues. Complying with W3C standards ensures a website is interoperably accessible to all potential visitors. Learn more about Web Development »

Introduction To How To Build It (Properly) So That They Will Come

Search Engine Optimization

What can I say about the wonderful world of the search engine optimization industry without ruffling any feathers? If I may be honest, I would say buyer beware! A whole Internet industry has evolved from a need to fix existing websites. Sadly, separate SEO package offerings shouldn’t be necessary. It is often a direct result of original improperly designed or developed websites. I do not offer SEO separately but want to bring awareness of what it is. Thereafter, you will be able to appreciate the effort that goes into proper planning. It must be incorporated into a development process at an early stage of a project. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization »

Introduction To The Business Search Engine Marketing Solution

Search Engine Marketing

Through effective design and development it should not be necessary to have resort to a greater effort or expense of search engine marketing (SEM) to get to the front page. I’ll present insight as to why it should not be required. That said though, I will also point out when it may become necessary. It is dependant on local, regional or national reach of your product or service. I am not a professional marketer but I’ll share my common sense insight. This insight is based on experience as well as by example through my design portfolio to explain why you probably won’t need it. Learn more about Search Engine Marketing »

Introduction To Internet Marketing Tools And Strategy

Internet Marketing

Oh I forgot to mention before this point on this page how much I detest the words advertising and marketing! I prefer to approach it as a method of gaining recognition of your product or service. If whatever being offered provides very good value for customers, it speaks for itself. How many times can we include words such as “excellent” plus “free advertising” together in a same sentence to describe a product or service? Not too many! That’s exactly what Internet marketing is if leveraged to work for you instead of against you. From my perspective I see all forms of Internet marketing as one in the same. Somehow though, they have evolved into separate entities. I will explain fundamental differences between them. Proceed to Internet Marketing »

Introduction To Importance Of Keywords In SEO Copywriting

Professional SEO Copywriting

Professional SEO copywriting has a high impact on whether or not a product or service achieves front page results. In my opinion it is the single most important aspect of any project consideration that helps to accomplish your overall goals of website design and development. It isn’t as simple as writing good content copy. It is important to understand how to structure keywords or key phrases within a page. Greater importance is how repeating unnecessary keywords or key phrases affects a final outcome. Professional SEO copywriting ensures a crawler on a site will be able to accurately index a page. This is necessary to properly categorize it in a robot’s company database to present it as relevant data on search engine results pages. Learn more about Professional SEO Copywriting »

Introduction To How To Register A Domain Name

Domain Name Registration

Registering a domain name is typically a straight forward process. However, there are a few important considerations to be aware of. Registration fees can vary considerably. Free domain name registration is not uncommon with some larger website hosting companies. They may include it in their prepaid hosting packages. But if you resort to a company whose main purpose is to register domain names; expect to pay more. Also, be aware of domain name ownership issues that might be encountered if changing web host companies. Proceed to Domain Name Registration »

An Unconventional Practical Unbiased Guideline

Choosing A Web Designer

The decision making process for choosing a web designer for business Internet solutions is not an easy task. It becomes even more difficult if you don’t know where to begin. With the help of this guideline I will point out primary factors that affect your final product. Hopefully this will remove some confusion surrounding selecting web designers. Taking a half hour to read this may save months of despair later on due to a poorly designed or developed site. Shared knowledge, though not complete, should provide a good foundation to help with your decision making process. You will gain confidence in who to hire to develop as well as possibly maintain a website for your Internet advertising, or Internet marketing, for small business requirements. End results will be lower costs. Your company will also be able to avoid costs associated with a redesign or redevelopment process of a website that isn’t providing expected results. It can also reduce long-term maintenance costs.

I will explain behind-the-scene processes and practices involved to bring websites from a planning and development phase to a live public online presence as well as how they affect variations in cost. Understanding these processes should make it easier to make an informed decision on how to choose a website designer. I want to provide useful knowledge, in an open honest manner to provide assurance that I will strive to provide a lowest possible cost for your small business website requirements. Proceed to the Decision Making Process For Choosing A Web Designer »

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