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Xisbigii kulmiye oo burbur qarka u saaran. Khilaafkii xisbiga kulmiye oo maanta halkii ugu saraysay gaadhay , markii ay labadii kooxood ee isku haystay meesha ay is-qabsadeen oo kooxdii ay hogaaminaysay Amina Weris iyo Muuse Biixi ay ka adkaadeen kooxdii kale ee ka koobnayd Maxamed Biixi Yoonis iyo Xirsi . waxayna ku keliftay kooxdii laga adskaaday in ay tidhaahdo waanu is-casilaynaa iyaga iyo wasiiradii guul-wadayaashooda ahaaba .  Waxa ay sheegayaan wararka ka soo baxaaya xarunta madaxtooyada Axmed Siilaanyo in uu khilaaf weyni dhex maray labada kooxood oo uu madaxweyne Axmed Siilaanyo taageeray kooxdii ay wadatay… Read Article →

Col. Aweys oo ku sagan magaalada Asmara ee dalka Erateriya ayaa ka hadlay hadalkii uu jeediyay Ra’iisul Wasaaraha dalka Itoobiya Etto. Males Zenawi oo sheegayey in ciidamadiisa uu kala baxaya dalka Soomaaliya sababo uu ku sheegay culeys dhaqaale oo soo fuulay dalkiisa. Balse Col. Xasan Daahir ayaa hadalkaasi ku tilmaamay in uu yahay mid ka dhashay weerarada xoogan ee ay kooxaha ka soo horjeeda u geysanayaan. waada sida hadalka u dhigay isagoo muujinaya inuu yahay ninka ka dambeeya in Ethopia qirato inay baxayso madaama dagaal ba’an looga soo horjeedo joogitaankooda Soomaaliya. “Hadalka Itoobiya waxaa ka keenay Muqaawamada oo… Read Article →

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Well lol I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist. I’ve been blessed to say that my teenage years have been probably more eventful than anyone I know; I’ve worked with signed artists, been to clubs I was definitely not old enough to get into, and I’ve met a lot of interesting people and hip hop legends like KRS-One and Kid Capri in the process. A lot of saturday nights I spend in the studio while everyone drinking and partying, so I guess yo u could say I miss out on the regular joys of being… Read Article →

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