Parent’s Responsibility on kid’s oral care

” in children is so important, as a parent it is our duty to guide our kids on how to take care of their teeth. A child that has poor oral hygiene and health has a lesser chance to enjoy food and digest it. Teaching them the first step on ” can be a great investment we can give them as they grow up. It is our responsibility as parents to show them and teach them the importance of “. Kids should know the proper way to brush their teeth. We must also teach them what food they should eat that is essential on their growth and oral health. But aside from teaching them we should also be an example when it comes to proper oral care.

As a parent, nothing more can make us happy than seeing our child smile and play. That is why we must take the responsibility to guide them as they are young. Letting them know at a very young age about oral care is so essential and our kids will thank us for this when they grow up. Our kids love candies, chocolates, and lots of sweets. This kids’ stuff is really too hard to remove from them. As a parent what shall we do? We should teach them the importance of a good oral health and reduce the intake of sweets on our children. Sweets can destroy our children’s teeth. Healthy teeth of our children are so important. Lesser will our child complain about pain or irritation because of tooth decay if they teeth are healthy.

Loving our child doesn’t mean giving everything that he/she wants, but giving what is best for her. And proper oral care is one of the best things that we can teach our child.
Brushing -they should brush their teeth at least twice daily and should use toothpaste that has fluoride.
Flossing – as a kid your child must learn how to floss but while they are not capable to do it themselves, we must floss for them.
Proper diet – this is the most challenging part for us parents, especially nowadays that our children are bombarded by ads about MnM’s and Lollipops. We must teach our kids the importance of ” like fruits and vegetables which is good for maintaining a “.
Starting on these, as a simple training tool for our child in order to achieve an excellent oral health, we can be successful on teaching our kids about oral care and see the healthy and happy smile as they grow.

It is such a pity to see our kids grow, seeing them suffer tooth decay and tooth lose at very young age. Oral care starts at the moment our kids had their first tooth. Children should grow up knowing it. Poor oral care can lessen their enjoyment on food, play, and health. It affects their whole well being too. Never neglect their need to be aware of oral care. And see your child’s beautiful smile as he grow.

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